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Christian Rockstar says social justice craziness starting a war among Christians

Woke ideology is sparking a 'civil war' among Christians in the US according to Christian Musician John Cooper

For years, John Cooper has been known for his role as the lead singer in the Christian rock band Skillet. But recently he has become more outspoken about what he sees as a serious threat to Christianity in America.

In this interview with Fox News, Cooper discussed his views on critical theory, his book “Awake & Alive to Truth,” and how Christians should handle hot-button issues like racism.

The following has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

Fox News: You talk about in your book how you had this experience of turning away from the temptation of having this great career but also not including Jesus in it. It was a little bit after that when you started to notice these different things that were going on in the church.

John Cooper: Yeah, it was that way. So, that was probably around 2010 — the story that you were referring to. It wasn’t a temptation in the sense that I was tempted to leave my faith behind, but it was a temptation — it was challenging truth … it was: well, you don’t have to leave Jesus behind but what if you didn’t talk about Jesus in order to get to a place where you can do more for [Jesus]? It was my introduction into that very deceptive type of mingling of truth … making something seem one way when it was really another.

It was shaking because of that, but it was a couple of years later — probably 2012 — when I really began noticing so much was happening. I didn’t understand some of the terminology that was being used. All of a sudden, we had a big move of — at the time, I would not have known to call it social justice. Now I realize what it’s called is social justice. But we had all of the social justice activism happening and I was finding myself confused about where to land. I knew that I wanted to be a light to the world and I want[ed] to share the Gospel of Christ. And I believe a part of that is loving people, and helping the poor, and so on and so forth, but there were things about the social justice movement that gave me a lot of red flags and I didn’t quite understand what was happening. That is when I began to really delve into culture, philosophy, and those types of things.

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