California sets the standard for the New Democrat Nation

We don’t have to look far to find creative ideas and useful technological innovations that started in California and were exported throughout the nation. Everything from cinema to surfing to personal computers and social media started here, but California is also known as an incubator for destructive leftist socio-economic and political policies.

Why should California policies matter to the rest of America? They matter because if Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Newsom, and the rest of the left have their way, California’s destructive policies will soon be the nation’s policies. Is that really what we want?

Soon-to-be-recalled Governor Gavin Newsom has positioned California and its policies as the model for what Biden should do and what America should be.

“Congratulations on your historic victory and for setting America on a path to build back better,” Newsom wrote in a congratulatory letter to the newly-elected Joe Biden. “California is eager to support your bold agenda by sharing our experiences implementing progressive policy on everything from workers’ rights to climate change.”

Starting with Vice President Harris, Biden has placed several prominent pro-California policy people in his administration and cabinet. Just to name a few, there’s Biden’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra who runs the Health and Human Services Department; Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, who were professors at UC Berkeley; and Alejandro Mayorkas, who is the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Last but definitely not least, is the Ice Cream Queen herself, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been in Congress seemingly since the last Ice Age, eager to ram through any and all California policies as quickly as possible.

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