Biden being sued for discrimination against farmers.

Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

The Biden administration has already been hit with a number of lawsuits in 2021. Many of these suits involve the ongoing border situation, as southern states have called out Biden’s lack of support.

But that isn’t the only problem Republicans have with the President’s agenda. They’ve also taken issue with Biden’s relief package, which has faced heavy criticism.

Now, one state is alleging discrimination — and they want Biden’s team to be held accountable.

This lawsuit comes courtesy of Republican Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller: he’s saying Biden’s COVID relief plan doesn’t embrace equality.

Miller and the America First Legal Foundation are alleging the “racial exclusion” of white farmers and ranchers in the state. It seems non-white workers in the industry are in line for more benefits.

While it’s destined to create backlash from the left, these Texas officials are tired of dealing with the “woke” administration.

And they’re not afraid to call out racism where they see it (via The Daily Wire):

Via The Daily Wire:

“The lawsuit says the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan passed by Congress last month includes provisions for the forgiveness of loans to ‘socially disadvantaged’ farmers or ranchers of up to 120% of the value of the loan. It claims other federal laws limit help for white farmers and ranchers, including the Agriculture Department being required to give preference to grant applications filed by ‘socially disadvantaged’ farmers or ranchers.”

The complaint doesn’t hold back.

It goes on to say that these “racial exclusions are patently unconstitutional” and shouldn’t be upheld by the court.

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