Welcome to Equiterra Real Gender Equality?

There has been a lot of bad news lately in America. Riots, unrest, crime, murder … is there any good news to be had?

Fear not. The United Nations Women are here to help.

Yes, there is a group called United Nations Women. They’re all about economic empowerment and sustainable development agendas (among much else), and a few months ago they put forth the solution to all the problems in the world: A mythical country called Equiterra, “where gender equality is real.”

“In Equiterra,” states the website, “all people have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of their gender. Women and girls feel safe when walking at night. They get paid equally as men, for work of equal value. Men and women share chores and care duties at home, and they can access high quality care at affordable rates. Isn’t that fabulous!”

Yowza. Sure sounds fabulous to me. Let’s go on a little tour of Equiterra’s “bustling capital” and admire some of its landmarks, shall we? (Close-up illustrations of each landmark are available at the original link.)

  • Unstereotype Avenue: “The word stereotype has lost its meaning in this country. … In Equiterra, diversity is celebrated, not feared, and a culture of acceptance dominates the hearts and minds.” This is where people “root for the girl who wants to be a professional football player, not question her capabilities.
  • Violence-Free Alley: This is a place where domestic abuse and street violence is non-existent. “There is no such thing as femicide, women are valued and respected here. … Domestic violence is a rare occurrence, because there are strong laws against it and services to support victims. Since gender equality is the norm, the power dynamics between intimate partners are not oppressive or toxic.”
  • Equal Pay Street: This is a place of high minimum wage, and where “women and men are being paid equally for work of equal value.”

Read the rest at: Males need not apply

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