Rise in Anti-Semitism barely covered in main stream media

The majority of Jews in America continue to face anti-Semitic incidents either in person or online, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League that was released Wednesday.

The poll was conducted in January by YouGov and found that 9% of American Jews said they have been physically attacked because they are Jewish over the past five years, Religion News Service reported.

The poll shows a rise in respondents who say they have “experienced or witnessed some form of anti-Semitic incident.” This year 63% said they had — up from 54% in 2020.

The poll found 56% had “heard anti-Semitic comments, slurs or comments targeting others” and 25% had “been targeted by anti-Semitic comments, slurs or threats.”

“In the aftermath of major anti-Semitic attacks in Pittsburgh, Poway (Calif.), Jersey City and Monsey (N.Y.), American Jews are reporting that they feel less safe in the U.S. today than they were just a decade earlier,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s chief executive officer. Jewish people were fatally stabbed and shot in those cities in 2018 and 2019.

Despite increased security at synagogues following those attacks, almost half — 49% — said they fear a violent attack at their place of worship.

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