Newson has even more secrets

In a blockbuster media report, the Los Cerritos News in California has reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom is having a sexual affair with a high-ranking member of his staff. Newsom is married to a woman he calls the “First Partner,” Jennifer Siebel, and the couple has four children. Citing anonymous sources, the news outlet said “many of Newsom’s other high-ranking staffers are aware of the relationship, and are ready to jump ship.”

The woman at the center of the emerging scandal, Lindsey Cobia, was recently promoted and given additional duties in the office. She is presently Deputy Chief of Staff. According to her LinkedIn profile, Cobia and Newsom have known each other since at least 2015. Cobia was Deputy Campaign Manager for Newsom’s successful bid for governor. She also was the Campaign Manager for a 2016 ballot proposition that Newsom championed to ban so-called high-capacity gun magazines and require Californians to register with the state before purchasing ammunition. (The ballot proposition was later declared to be unconstitutional.) Cobia’s profile on Facebook indicates that she got married in 2017 but it is not known if she is still a married woman.

The emerging scandal could not come at a worse time for Governor Newsom. Last week, backers of a statewide Recall effort submitted more than 2.1 million signatures to force an election later this year that could result in Newsom’s removal from office. Most observers believe that the Recall will easily qualify for the ballot. In a Recall election, voters consider two questions. First, whether Governor Newsom should be recalled (removed) from office. Second, they select a candidate to take over as governor should the Recall question prevail. Newsom is prohibited under California’s constitution from running in the Recall election to succeed himself.

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