George W shows he is the model RINO

030114-O-0000D-001.President George W. Bush. Photo by Eric Draper, White House.

Two network news interviewers failed to ask former President George W. Bush his direct thoughts on President Biden’s immigration policies while teeing him up to criticize modern Republican ones.

In spite of the ongoing border crisis that has dominated the early months of the Biden era, NBC’s Hoda Kotb and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell didn’t get his response to the Biden administration’s liberal policies, instead focusing on the Republican Party and his immigration position clash with former President Donald Trump.

“Why can’t we get this right?” Kotb asked about immigration in an interview airing Tuesday.

Bush said the system needed to be “reformed and fixed” and noted the border is “overwhelmed right now.”

Kotb also asked Bush how he would describe the modern Republican Party and whether he was “disappointed” in it.

“I would describe it as isolationist, protectionist, and, to a certain extent, nativist,” Bush said. While Bush told Kotb that the Democrats weren’t listening to him on immigration when he was president, these days Republicans “aren’t listening because of the politics.”

“It is not exactly my vision but I am just an old guy they put out to pasture,” he added.

There’s “a real shortage of manpower and focus down there,” Bush said at one point about the border. But Kotb did not follow up and ask whether Biden and his appointed border czar Vice President Kamala Harris are responsible for those lack of resources.

Kotb did ask Bush whether he agreed with Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan, to which he said, “we’ll see.”

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