BLM regrets supporting Biden…

Black Lives Matter is no happier with Biden in the White House and in fact they are saying that blacks are being “terrorized” even more now than under Trump.

I am not exaggerating, either. In a Tuesday tweet, BLM representatives slammed Biden for sending surplus military equipment to American police departments.

We all know that BLMers did their best to eliminate Donald Trump in 2020. But now that they got their wish and Biden won the White House by any means necessary, they are still not happy. They now want Biden to cancel provision 1033, a program created in 1997 under the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the government to pass used military equipment to civilian police departments.

BLM slammed Biden for not only refusing to cancel this program, but for ramping up the transfer of military materiel.

The official Black Lives Matter website explained further: “The Law Enforcement Support Office, known as the 1033 Program, allows the transfer of surplus military-grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country. It includes school and campus police, too.”

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