Banning guns WILL make America more dangerous!

Once again, a truly horrific crime has occurred and Democrats seem far more concerned with punishing law-abiding gun owners than the perpetrator of the act itself. But while the anti-gun tactic of never wasting a crisis has been a perennial threat to the liberty of the American people, the danger to their safety is even greater now than it has been in the past.

Earlier this week, a gunman walked into a store in Boulder, Colorado and ended 10 lives, including that of the heroic police officer, Eric Talley. While many were quick to attribute the shooter’s motive to white supremacy, no such link has been established, and mental illness appears to have been a bigger factor than ideology. But that’s why we have criminal courts: to assess the facts of a case, determine guilt, and mete out punishments to those found guilty.

But that’s not how the gun control mob sees it. No, their brand of “justice” requires that people who never had anything to do with a crime be disarmed by the force of government. Case in point, President Biden wasted little time in calling for a resuscitation of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban. He must have forgotten that two Justice Department-commissioned research studies found that the ban didn’t work. Of course, the end goal of the gun control mob isn’t just to ban certain kinds of guns with certain features, but all of them. So any current failures are just future reasons to call for even more gun control.

Private gun ownership saves lives, period. Americans use guns defensively anywhere from 80,000 to over 1 million times a year, depending on the parameters set by researchers. This statistic alone shows that disarming average Americans would endanger countless innocent lives just by itself, but the bigger problem lies in the rest of the political left’s current, radical agenda.

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