Voter fraud cases growing

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson
Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Just yesterday, a court in Michigan found that the Secretary of State violated Michigan State Law, by unilaterally changing the means by which signatures were verified for mail ballots (as covered by Nick Arama).  The basis for this complaint is an oft-repeated one by those on the right:  Left-leaning elections officials in battleground states unilaterally and unconstitutionally changed the rules for the election to favor the potential of illegal and nefarious activities with ballot collection and return.  For instance, the SOS of Michigan ordered county elections officials to accept ballots and to “presume the accuracy” of the signatures on the ballots, despite the fact that the state has a process that has been approved by the legislature.

This pattern has been repeated across the country.  In Virginia, it was found that the State’s last-minute change to mail ballots was illegal.  In Wisconsin, it was found that the number of “indefinitely confined” voters, nearly quadrupled from 2016 to 2020 from 57,000 to 215,000.  In Pennsylvania, the Secretary of the Commonwealth and Attorney General ignored an order from Justice Alito of the United States Supreme Court to separate the ballots that came back after the legislature’s defined deadline.  In Georgia, numerous counties unilaterally changed election rules contrary to the established laws of the state.   Each of these changes benefitted Democrats above the margin of victory by which they won each of these states.  This isn’t a matter of opinion or manipulation of the data.  This is a completely factual assertion — the denial of which is a literal denial of the rights and privileges of legitimate, legal, and lawful voters.

That doesn’t stop the Democrats.  The events of January 6th gave them carte blanche to label anyone who questions the outcome of the election as an insurrectionist, despite the now piling list of court decisions that show that it wasn’t even close to anything that approaches a legitimate election.

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