Teens fighting back against mask mandate

Freedom activists, young and old alike, showed up to help encourage and spur on abused high school students Tuesday at both Flathead and Glacier High Schools in Flathead County.

Approximately 40 students “walked out,” with about 50 adults waiting in the wings at Flathead High, while about 30 students and 20 community folks helped to stand against tyranny over at Glacier.

At Flathead High, cars and trucks streamed by with students shouting, honking, and waving as other students and community members held signs stating the illegalities of forced mask-wearing and more.

The Students started the Protest/Walkout on the sidewalk adjacent to FHS but were quickly scolded by Assistant Principle Mark Fischer and told they had to “leave school property.” Afterward, they then headed across the street. (Apparently, only liberal “reporters” are allowed on actual school grounds as seen in this picture with Fischer while the peasant students were made to stand elsewhere.)
Present and willing to share, Dennis Gomez (who was “forced to retire his janitorial position because I wouldn’t wear a mask”) from Kalispell Middle School last August, and is now running for School District 5 school board, told Montana Daily Gazette that, “I was trying to educate the Assistant Principal (Mark Fischer) and the school cop that the property across the street is actually public property and we should be able to be over there as well. Gomez shared, “Let them smile, let the kids smile.”

Read the rest at: montanadailygazette.com

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