Social justice guide for TODDLERS?

The Washington Post was lampooned this week for publishing a “social justice guide for toddlers” that aims to push elements of the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements onto children as young as three months old, recommending everything from children’s music classes about gender to anti-racism flashcards.

The article indicates a troubling expansion of “wokeness” among “younger and younger” demographics, Kentucky State University professor Wilfred Reilly told “Fox News Primetime” host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday.

The piece by Natalie Jesionka was published under the headline: “Social justice for toddlers: These new books and programs start the conversation early.” Jesionka wrote that “experts say it’s never too early, and a new wave of tools and resources can help start the conversation.”

She also spoke with “performance artists” whose goal is to “increase exposure to drag, support gender-variant children and create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome”.

“It actually is true in the social sciences that toddlers trust people with faces that look more like those of their caretakers pretty early on. But the catch is that those caretakers can be of any race,” Reilly explained. “Almost a quarter of marriages in the U.S.A. are interracial. I don’t think you need to train your baby to fight homophobia as of yet.”

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