Kerry allowed to do what would jail the rest of us

John Kerry, Secretary of State
John Kerry, Secretary of State

American Airlines has become the subject of criticism due to its selective enforcement of its mask policy. After yet another prominent Democrat was revealed to have been mask-less during one of its flights, the company has been under pressure to apply their rules consistently.

RedState’s Nick Arama reported, John Kerry, who is serving as President Joe Biden’s climate czar, was photographed on an American Airlines flight not wearing his mask. She noted:

Kerry appeared to be reading a book, not eating or drinking, and the mask appeared to be hanging off his ear. Joe Biden has not only made a mask mandate a significant part of his campaign, he also issued an executive order making it mandatory on federal property and on federal transportation.

The company indicated that they are investigating the matter, but so far, they have not made a decision about the apparent violation of its mask rules. The mandate dictates that passengers wear masks whenever they are not eating or drinking. Some airlines have been so strict as to mandate that mask be worn between bites and sips.

The White House has not yet commented on the matter and press secretary Jen Psaki has not so much as promised to “circle back” with the public. Kerry insisted that the violation was nothing more than a “momentary” lapse in his usual mask-wearing habits.

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