Facebook is LEFT biased! REALLY?

FB Warning Violates Terms of Use
FB Warning Violates Terms of Use

After serving as an Army public affairs officer on the sidelines during the Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden leaks, Cassandra Spencer did work for Facebook as a contractor – and says she became a whistleblower herself.

She obtained an entry-level contract position, she told Fox News, but she hoped to turn it into something more.

“I looked at it as my way of getting my foot in the door at Facebook, eventually would go into a communications role,” she said. “[That was] the original grand plan.”

But after a few weeks on the job in Texas, she said she noticed that some profiles and pages were secretly marked in a way that would reduce the reach of their live videos.

She said in the following weeks she saw a pattern, and she only noticed such flags on pages belonging to conservatives, not to any liberals. And that they were hidden from the account holders.

That’s when she said she reached out to Project Veritas to potentially become a whistleblower, after seeing a tweet soliciting tips from its founder, James O’Keefe.

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