2 states that get the second amendment

Lawmakers in both Tennessee and Iowa this week passed bills that would allow permitless carry of firearms, also known as constitutional carry.

In Tennessee, the state Senate passed a bill to legalize permitless carry, whether open or concealed, so long as the person is legally in possession of a firearm and not prohibited from purchasing one in their home state.

The bill has cleared committee in the state House but has not yet passed the full chamber. It has the support of Republican Gov. Bill Lee.

The Senate version was amended to also make it a misdemeanor for someone who has been convicted of stalking or someone deemed mentally unfit to carry a handgun.

Critics of the bill have argued that permitless carry makes it easier for criminals to obtain firearms and more dangerous for citizens and law enforcement. And gun control activists have campaigned vocally against the measure.

The Iowa version, passed in the state House in a 60-37 vote, would allow the permitless purchase and carry of firearms.

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