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They are trying to paint him as a Nazi, when BLM and Antifa have been attacking him on a regular basis

A Los Angeles Times review of Andy Ngo's bestselling book on Antifa violence compares the investigative journalist to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.
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A Los Angeles Times review of Andy Ngo’s bestselling book on Antifa violence compares the investigative journalist to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

In the piece titled, “Review: Andy Ngo’s new book still pretends [A]ntifa’s the real enemy,” author Alexander Nazaryan called Ngo’s new book on the radical anti-fascist movement “supremely dishonest.”

“Every act of violence by [A]ntifa…is described so meticulously and ominously that Herr Goebbels would have been proud,” wrote Nazaryan, also the White House correspondent for Yahoo! News.

Nazaryan maintained that he did not make this allusion flippantly. “Maligning the opposition was central to the Nazi strategy, and it is critical to today’s far-right extremists,” Nazaryan pressed, also asserting that Ngo’s intention here appears to “run a diversionary tactic for Patriot Prayer and other groups that are far more dangerous than their leftist counterparts.”

According to Nazaryan, a month after pro-Trump “insurrectionists” stormed the Capitol building “in search of elected officials to kidnap or kill,” Ngo’s Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy “has to be taken seriously.”

“Not because it is a serious book,” Nazaryan interjected—noting that “it is nothing of the sort”—but because “Ngo’s prominence is evidence that false flags will continue to be planted, sometimes on the very same soil where violent reactionaries have spilled American blood.”

Ngo’s “false-equivalence manifesto” comes while fencing remains in place on Capitol Hill, illustrated Nazaryan, all because the Proud Boys of the mid-November “Stop the Steal” rally decided to return on Jan. 6.

In the wake of the Washington attack, Unmasked has this “ridiculous feel” that warns Americans about the dangers of German communism issued in 1939, Nazaryan penned, highlighting that Ngo made that very comparison himself and argued that Antifa’s predecessors in Weimar Germany deserve as much scrutiny as their Nazi counterparts.

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