School district spends 150k to make sure teachers know they are racist

This is a simple story.  The Anaheim school board has decided that it has a racist staff—and the Board wants the staff to know they are racist by spending $150,000.  How do they know the staff is racist?  Most are white, hence due to DNA they are racist.

Anybody ready to Recall the Anaheim School Board and fire the Administrators that hired “a racist” staff?

AUSHD Spending $150,000 To Put 300 Employees Through “Implicit Bias Training”

According to the AUHSD’s memorandum of understanding with the OCHRC, 100 administrators and 200 “site team members” will each receive 6 hours of implicit bias training in “cohorts” of 25 people. The training is broken up into  weekly 90-minute sessions conducted over four weeks – plus “independent learning modules.” A total of 12 training sessions will be conducted between November 2020 and April 2021.

AUHSD Board members unanimously approved the contract without discussion or comment.

I contacted the district to make a public records request for the materials used in the implicit bias training sessions, which are currently taking place.

District spokesman John Bautista replied:

“After doing some research, the planning meeting/materials are all virtual and owned by the OC Human Relations Council. AUHSD does not hold any materials.”

I responded that since the AUHSD is paying for this training with public funds, it has every right to request those materials from the OC Human Relations Council in order to respond with my public records act request. As of publication time, I have had no further response from the AUHSD.

Bautista’s reply raises another question: did the district even review the OCHRC’s implicit bias training course before awarding the contract?

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