Public Schools and Their Anti-White Agenda

The following is a transcript of Todd Starnes’s morning radio commentary.

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Henry Jones is the father of two children. A 12-year-old daughter and a son, aged eight. The children are enrolled in two different public schools in New York City.

Mr. Jones wrote an essay that was published in The New York Post. He’s very concerned about the identity politics that has taken over his children’s education.

He’s angry because his kids are being taught to hate America and their own skin color. The Jones family happen to be white.

In 2017 his five year old was given instruction on transgenderism – forced to read a book about a boy who transitioned to a girl.

“Not long after that, our son came home and told me the teacher said it was wrong to give little girls pink toys and little boys blue toys. That same year, teachers urged my son and his classmates to march around the school chanting, “Pink and blue is for everyone!” in a gay-rights walk.,” he wrote.

But that pales in comparison to the radical anti-white agenda his children have been exposed to.

“In math class this year, my daughter’s teacher told her the only reason white people voted for Trump was that they wanted to hold on to their white privilege. Whether you voted for Trump or not is beside the point,” he wrote. “What has that got to do with teaching math?”

He continued, “My son just came home asking me if Christopher Columbus was as bad as his school says. His teachers told him Columbus enslaved people when he got to the New World. They made it sound as if Columbus didn’t even care about discovering a new trade route to Asia; he just wanted to enslave people.”

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