Doug’s Rant-Spending us to death.

Hey, I Got a Great Idea!

Hey Dems while you’re busy getting your jollies by from shoving socialism down America’s throats, eradicating many of the good things Trump and Republicans did for us, maybe you could take a time-out to give us some optimism.

How about announcing you’ll keep the personal and corporate tax cuts in place, along with NOT undoing reduced business regulations. Your president is telling us we’re in for a world of hurt when it comes to the virus and the economy so this would go a long way to cheer us up a bit.

Come on it’s the least you guys could do to let us have the same giddy thrills you’re experiencing with executive orders that are screwing up lives. These two simple requests would have an actual common sense positive impact on lives, not the emotional, politically correct ones you swear by. Please, pretty please!


Spend-spend-spend, spend yourself to death (could be a song), maybe it’s more apropos to be spend your people’s money till it’s all gone. I’ve been listening to President Biden wanting to spend trillions of dollars MORE on virus relief and tout socialistic ideas in the name of the  greater good. I cringe as I think about the current debt and how his proposals will send it skyrocketing to even greater heights or depths if you will.

At some point in time there will be a straw that breaks the camel’s back that sends our nation into an economic crisis the likes we’ve never seen. Maybe now some Republicans will take the bull by the debt riddled horns and start shouting at the top of their lungs about the debt danger we face. That needs to happen because Lord knows the people ruling the swamp these days will avoid it like the plague.

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