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Didn’t you know Pelosi’s own policies don’t apply to her?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has fined two Republican congressman for violating her new metal detector policy.
Elitist Pelosi caught without a mask in a beauty salon getting her done, Double standards? Political cartoon by A.F. Branco Cartoon ©2020.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has fined two Republican congressman for violating her new metal detector policy.

“Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) are the first to be hit with the dramatic fine, which is taken directly from their $174,000 salaries,” the New York Post reported Friday.

Gohmer is accusing Pelosi of making the rules up as she goes along and said that Pelosi violated her own policy. “This should come as no surprise, but Democrats are making up the rules as they go,” Gohmert said. 

The Congressman from Texas said that he has followed the “unconstitutional” policy for weeks:

“Yesterday, after complying with the metal detector screening, I was allowed to enter the House session where debate was occurring. Knowing that I would soon be giving a speech, I stepped off the House floor to use the restroom right beside the Speaker’s lobby as I have done many times since the metal detectors have been installed.

At no time until yesterday did anyone mention the need to be wanded after entering the restroom directly in front of the guards. The three main entrances have metal detectors, but the House floor entrance from the Speakers’ Lobby does not. Originally I had gone around the metal detectors a few times until it was mandated. I have been complying for weeks since.”

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Comic by A.F. Branco

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