Wait so cops can’t use tear gas but the Mayor can pepper spray people?

Portland Mayer Ted Wheeler
Portland Mayer Ted Wheeler

PORTLAND, OR- Last September, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler decided that his officers, despite the fact they had been dealing with nearly four months of nightly, violent riots in the city, decided he was going to take one of their tools away from them…the use of tear gas.

Apparently, those rules don’t apply to Wheeler, however.

According to the New York Post at the time, Wheeler, who had also been gassed during one of those protests said “we need something different” in order to put a stop to the nightly anarchy taking place in Portland.

Wheeler, however, doesn’t appear to follow his own rules.

Law Enforcement Today received a copy of a report from the Portland Police Bureau, dated January 24, 2021 in which the officers of the bureau responded to the Hillsdale Brew Pub in the city at around 9:00 p.m.

Officers responded to the restaurant on a complaint from Robert King, Senior Policy Advisor on Public Safety for Wheeler, who notified the bureau that Wheeler had been involved in an incident in which “WHEELER used pepper spray against an unknown person.”

Wait, so Wheeler BANNED his officers from using gas for defensive purposes against VIOLENT rioters in downtown Portland, yet HE used pepper spray against someone? The irony is just too rich.

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