The discontentment that got Trump elected isn’t going away

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Circle of Insanity
A.F. Branco Cartoon – Circle of Insanity

In the wake of 2020 elections, once again partisan headlines are declaring the death of a political party. “The Republican Party is Dead” blared the New Republic. “Trumpism is Dead” ran a headline in the Arizona Central and New York Magazine wrote “Republicans Need a Postmortem, But Trump Won’t Even Admit He’s Dead.”

In politics though, there is nothing so overstated as claims that the losing party or politician are finished. From Grover Cleveland, to Winston Churchill, to Richard Nixon, to the White House flipping back and forth between the parties after of our recent elections, such claims are proven false.

In considering the Trump presidency, and doing so with hindsight — not emotion; putting aside Trump the man for a moment, we must conclude that the reasons why Trump got elected in the first place exist now more than ever.

We should remember the reasons why voters turn to unconventional candidates and even third parties have remained constant.

When the nation’s two-party system fails to resolve the issues of the day, voters look elsewhere.

The GOP rose in the wake of the Whig Party’s failure to grapple with slavery.

Twenty years later, the Greenback Party arose because D.C. Republicans and Democrats were taking too long to resolve what type of money the United Stated should have: gold, silver, or paper.

The Greenback Party — employing deft marketing skills — aptly named their party for the issue they championed: paper money, that is green paper money.

Seventeen years ago, when government was failing Californians and the two parties were viewed as ineffectual, California voters turned to a complete outsider named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In much the same way, Donald Trump became president of the United States.

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