So you can kneel during the National Anthem but not to pray?

Oakland Raiders players kneeling during anthem in 2017
Oakland Raiders players kneeling during anthem in 2017

A Christian football coach is in his second round before the Ninth Circuit to find out if coaches, or any other public employees or government workers, are allowed to pray in public.

Coach Joe Kennedy, a Marine veteran and a former assistant football coach at Bremerton High School, was fired in 2015 after he declined to stop praying on the 50-yard-line after games.

His case is once again being heard after the Supreme Court handed it back down in 2019 with a request for more information.

“I think it’s ironic in America that football coaches can take a knee to protest the flag, they can protest the National Anthem, but they can’t take a knee to pray,” Todd Starnes said Tuesday.

Mike Berry, an attorney at First Liberty Institute, who represents the coach, said the law, the Constitution, and the facts are all on his side. They just need the judges.

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