I thought they were stormtroopers!

Nancy Pelosi Posing with National Guard Troops/Twitter
Nancy Pelosi Posing with National Guard Troops/Twitter

There can only be one explanation for the level of hypocrisy regularly seen from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a complicit media, but the California Democrat took her duplicity to a mindboggling level when she exploited National Guard troops deployed ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

Like a tin-pot dictator, Pelosi stood before a formation of soldiers lined up in front of the U.S. Capitol and thanked the troops and their families “for protecting the Capitol and our democracy.”

This coming from the same Democrat who expressed concern “about the increased militarization” of the nation’s capital when the National Guard was brought in during the Black Lives Matter riots over the summer. The same person who called federal law enforcement agents “stormtroopers.”

Yet, having no shame meter, Pelosi used the troops for a photo op last week.

Proving her hypocrisy knows no bounds, she also gave each trooper a “challenge coin” to mark their mission of protecting the legislative seat of the U.S. government during the recent protests at the Capitol — the coin bears her signature.

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