Doug’s Rant – What happened Bill?

Come On Bill!

I saw where the former Attorney General Bill Barr was concentrating on chasing down the Lockerbie bomber for much of the time he was in office. He even said; “Let there be no mistake: no amount of time or distance will stop the United States, and its partners in Scotland, from pursuing justice in this case.” 

Come on Bill, didn’t you have much bigger fish to fry than spending time and resources on something that happened in another country 32 years ago? It seems to me you had a ton of evidence of Obama minions saving Mrs. Bill Clinton from a prison term so she could become president and the attempted coup on Trump when he stunned the world by beating Hillary in 2016.

Many believe the election of 2020 was illegally manipulated by bad boys and girls on the left as an attempted second coup of President Trump. There is plenty of facts and evidence of systematic cheating in the presidential election to have Barr wash his hands of the scandal like he was Pontius Pilate.

What happened to this guy who everyone on our side thought would crack a lot of left side skulls with the full force of the law?! It seems his priorities are like a doctor in the emergency room attending to a patient with a broken arm and profuse bleeding from multiple stab wounds and treating the arm first.

Now in the midst of D.C. Swamp Chaos we wait for some sort of sign that true American justice will prevail before not so jumpin Joe takes over and the attempted coups are washed away in the sands of time. Oh yea Joe and Hunter’s felonious deeds will wash away right along with the rest.

People Are Dying: 

Yes, they are as a matter of fact, tragically some are passing away from the virus. But we do know many others are dying from motor vehicle accidents (should driving be on lock-down?), heart disease, cancer, A.L.S. strokes and even suicide (many are attributed to being isolated because of the lock-downs).

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