Doug’s Rant – Biden Supporters Get What they voted for?

I Hope You’re Happy Now!

Maybe that sounds like someone jilted in a relationship ending painfully, but I’m sternly exclaiming this to those Trump haters who care more about a president’s personality than they do the good of the American people and used that as their voting motivation.

This new President is quickly having his pre-dementia brain manipulated by the leftist of the left and it is not a good thing at all for the actual well-being of our country’s citizens.

Someone please tell me how in the world these executive orders will help Americans, how many could hurt us and for that matter how many of them do we really care about?

-Ordering an end to the term “The China Virus”

-Order eliminating federal use of private prisons

-Order to promote racial equality

-Proclamation ending ban on U.S. entry from majority-Muslim countries

-Order requiring mask-wearing on federal property

-Order revising immigration enforcement policies 

-Order to allow transgender people to join the military.

-Denouncing anti-Asian discrimination and xenophobia, 

-Tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad

-Order to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change 

-Canceling work on the Keystone pipeline 

-Order directing the Secretary of the Interior to pause on entering into new oil and natural gas leases on public lands or offshore waters. 

Yep, the left is hailing these orders as the best thing to happen to America in four years. No matter some these orders are actually hurting thousands of workers this very day as their livelihoods have been ripped out right from underneath them with a stroke of a pen for something many scientists say is not a problem but a hoax. I heard one these folks say “We don’t need impeachment; we need a paycheck!”

Let’s Spin This Into A Pile Of Bull Manure

Of course, this climate change nonsense isn’t free of nonsensical spinning from lefties who think climate change is heading us towards the end of the world. Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy said the administration is “not asking for sacrifice” with its executive order to shut down construction of the Keystone pipeline or shut down energy work on public land and offshore waters.

Really Gina, tell that to the thousands of workers who are devastated today because their means of supporting their families has been obliterated. She called climate change “one of the biggest threats of our lifetime.” I’ll tell you what the biggest threat of our lifetime is right now and that’s this delusional, feel good, idealistic thinking that will plunge this nation into an economic malaise worse than we saw from 2009-2016.

Climate King, John Kerry uttered some spin on job losses with something about oil and gas workers should move on to clean energy jobs. Right John you spew this bull crap from your ginormous mansion your wife paid for while thousands of workers now worry about feeding their kids just because of your delusional whims.

For example, with the order to restrict oil and gas development, New Mexico is projected to lose 60,000 jobs, that’s 7% of the entire employed state workforce. Local governments are projected to lose an average of $1 billion dollars in tax revenue every year for the next five years.

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