Antifa Agitator Caught On Video Training Other Rioters

A screenshot of the homepage of on Sunday.
A screenshot of the homepage of on Sunday.

January 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Rudy Giuliani released footage Thursday showing John Sullivan, a Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist who has been charged with obstruction of law enforcement at the Capitol, training other agitators how to dress and equip themselves for riots while remaining unidentified.

In what appears to be a training video, Sullivan is first heard  explaining “proper” dress for riots. “Black block. A lot of people get the misconception, maybe you can wear a black t-shirt that has a logo on it, on the sleeve or on the chest?”

“No. You cannot. No logos, guys. Zero. None. You cannot have anything that they would be able to come back and identify you,” Sullivan explains, himself masked and dressed in head-to-toe black.

Sullivan proceeds to display a gas mask and an umbrella that can be used to guard against gas, and then he is shown bringing out a large firearm.

“And if you really wanna play with some s‑‑‑‑, guys, I got the chud-killer. I got the Nazi-hunter. It’s ready. It’s on deck, bro,” says Sullivan.

“Chud” is an insult referring to “conservatives, members of the alt-right, libertarians, and even mainstream liberals,” according to Urban Dictionary.

Giuliani presented the footage as evidence that Antifa was behind the “key” violence that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Even before Sullivan was charged for illegal activity at the Capitol, his up-close witness of the death of Ashli Babbitt had garnered much media attention.

Sullivan told major news outlets such as Fox and CNN that he entered the Capitol only to document what was happening. Anderson Cooper, who interviewed him about the events leading up to Babbitt’s death, seemed blithely unaware that Sullivan’s own footage belies the actions of a neutral bystander.

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