AND JUST LIKE THAT! Chicago is ending lockdowns?

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now, a week before President-elect Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated, calling for an end to her own draconian lockdowns.

In fact, with the November election now in the rearview mirror, Democrats and academics everywhere suddenly want to see an end to their job-killing, mental health-ravaging mandates, which have made life a living hell for millions of Americans for nearly a year. It doesn’t make one a conspiracy theorist to question the odd timing of all this.

“I want to get our restaurants and bars reopened as quickly as possible,” Lightfoot said Thursday, according to WBBM-TV.

The outlet reported she called restaurants “one of the safer places” for people to be.

“They’ve gone above and beyond to put in mitigation controls inside of the restaurants,” Lightfoot said. “I feel very strongly that we are very close to a point when we should be talking about opening up our bars and restaurants.”

The mayor then seemed to signal that she understands that outlawing things creates a black market demand for them. Previously it appeared she had never read her city’s history or the story of Al Capone.

“If we have people and give them an outlet for entertainment in the restaurant space, in the bar space, we have much more of an opportunity, in my view, to be able to regulate and control that environment,” she said. “People are engaging in risky behavior that is not only putting themselves at risk but putting their families, their co-workers and other ones at risk.

“Let’s bring it out of the shadows. Let’s allow them to have some recreation in restaurants, in bars, where we can actually work with responsible owners and managers to regulate and protect people from COVID-19.”

This is the same buffoon who banned haircuts for Windy City residents last year and then defended getting a haircut because she’s “the public face of this city.”

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