Students forced to Anti-White Racism

Across the country, schools, businesses, and governments have implemented training and classes that promote the idea that all white people are racist and must atone for their racism, even if they haven’t said or done anything racist.

In Nevada, Gabrielle Clark didn’t want her son, William, to attend a mandatory class at his charter school that promoted “hostility toward whites as a race,” The College Fix’s Greg Piper reported. Gabrielle previously threatened to file a lawsuit against the school for forcing him to take the class, and this week she made good on that threat.

The school forced her son to “make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments,” Gabrielle asserted in her federal lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday.

William, who is a senior at Democracy Prep and biracial, had his statements “subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators,” the lawsuit states. William is still being coerced to “accept and affirm politicized and discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot in conscience affirm.”

Gabrielle’s lawsuit states that William was “repeatedly threatened… with material harm including a failing grade and non-graduation if he failed to comply with their requirements.” William rejected the demands of the course and was denied “reasonable accommodation.”

“Officials also falsely promised students that their mandatory identity divulsions would be kept private, when in reality their graded assignments would ‘immediately became visible to all DPAC teachers and administrators’ and administrators would sometimes covertly ‘tune in’ to the virtual sessions,” the Fix added.

Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist, highlighted the lawsuit on his Twitter account Wednesday, including images of some of the class material included in the lawsuit. Some of the materials allegedly presented to students included information about “internalized” oppression, which was defined as people “within the groups who suffer the most from the mistreatment” and who “internalize the ideology of inferiority.” Other materials discussed “internalized privilege,” defined as “an unearned sense of entitlement among the members of the privileged group, and can be expressed as a denial of the existence of oppression and as paternalism.”

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