Doug’s Rant – What’s Next?

When Will God Take Care Of It?

The bible tells us; “Don’t insist on getting even, that’s not for you to do. God will do the judging; He’ll take care of it.”  I get it, I believe it, I just wish He would hurry (it reminds me of the old adage, “please give me patience, but hurry!”) because too much of what has gone on from 2009 to today, continues to drive me bat-crap-crazy!!

At the risk of sounding like a whining kid, I ask how much illegal and just plain unfair garbage are sound minding, common sense, folks with high moral values supposed to take until God takes care of it?! Not that I’m a God doubter, but I am getting really impatient.

The litany of dirty dealing, unfair, illegal, hypocritical and even treasonous actions that the Dem side of things have perpetrated without a consequence is grotesquely wrong!

I thought when the Obama team spied on a journalist from Fox News (including his parents for goodness sakes), when his IRS targeted and made life miserable for right wing organizations, that was about as bad as it could get. Boy was I wrong as the Benghazi scandal and other scandals quickly came down the pike.

If that wasn’t enough corruption for one presidency to produce, the absolute manipulation of our legal and election process was in full force by the Obama administration by letting Mrs. Bill Clinton off the hook for her blatant felonious email destroying games. Never mind many a government worker has spent time in prison for much lesser crimes.

It Didn’t Stop There:

Along comes one Donald Trump and the wheels of injustice kick into high gear as the Obama team freaks out over the chance he could beat their precious Hillary and set into action a plot to smear Mr. Trump with false made-up evidence. When much to their shock filled agony, Trump won the election their coup efforts went into overdrive beginning with illegally snaring Michael Flynn as they tried to get Trump out of office before and after he moved into the White House.

When that didn’t work, the attempted dirty deeds filtered down to the leftover Trump-hating-conspirators from the Obama Administration to unjustly launch an incredibly expensive and marathon like time consuming investigation (Mueller’s) that resulted in zilch!

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