Doug’s Rant – My President?

I Don’t Care!

I don’t care that zero Dems attended President Trump’s inauguration or if he refuses to attend Bidens, I don’t care if they called Trump an illegitimate president and now Biden is being hailed has a saintly victor. I don’t care the lame stream media showed such unprofessional bias against Trump and they obviously favored Obama and now team Biden. I don’t care if Trump’s haters resorted to immature name calling such as Orange man without a blink of an eye from anyone, yet if any would have called Obama Brown man there would have been riots in the streets.

I don’t care Trump was compared to Hitler, called a clear and present danger to America, labeled a white supremacist, an agent for Russia and other of absurdities.

I don’t care about any of that garbage, I don’t care who think he’s a jerk, I judge presidents on job performance, not personality contests. The guy is my president and he has done a damn good job.

For those who don’t agree I label low information types even though they label me a deplorable. I would implore those low information folks, who think Trump was a lousy president, to pick up their computer mouse and do some deep digging.

It’s really easy, just google President Trump’s accomplishments and then keep score in the upcoming months comparing those accomplishments and results to how team Biden does.

This Explains A Lot:

I read an article explaining how Biden won and it doesn’t have anything to do with voter fraud. I was a very perplexed Ranter when it came to understanding why so many Americans voted the way they did. I surely knew how the media protected Joe by burying the various scandals he was involved in, but I didn’t realize the far-reaching impact it had and now we all will pay the price for the unfair, unprofessional journalism they exhibited.

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