Doug’s Rant – Delusion becoming the norm?

Way Back Then:

My gosh it seems eons ago I started ranting about this damn virus. At first, I made fun of the thing, but then watched in dread as blue colored Governors helped shut down their states with the media helping by shaming us for not buying into the nonsense that killed the economy.

I like what Rep. Elect Bob Good said “We have got to stop the insanity, and stop accepting the hoax that says forcing people to wear a mask, forcing businesses to close, prohibiting worship services, and keeping kids out of school will make a significant difference in whether or not we will die from this virus.”

Amen to that, in California I witnessed the agony of business owners having their livelihoods yanked out from underneath them. As I made my rounds of businesses who advertised in the newspaper my wife and I published (The Santa Clarita Gazette) I saw first-hand the emotionally wrought bewilderment of business folks who couldn’t understand the reasoning behind them not being deemed as essential while competitors of similar ilk were.

Eventually the smothering edicts of the ‘BLUE POWERS THAT BE’ caused our newspaper to go out of business (companies that couldn’t be open or were losing money no longer needed or could afford to advertise in the paper, robbing the only revenue stream we had), with Mrs. Ranter and I fleeing to the Midwest where we can afford to live in forced retirement.

What Now?

Delusion, confusion and irritation are the order of the day especially when I read: “I’m not sure we know what we’re doing,” San Mateo County Health Officer Scott Morrow recently confessed, referring to the myriad puzzling restrictions state and local governments have imposed in the name of fighting COVID-19.

Morrow, who has served as San Mateo County’s health officer since 1992, also criticized the stay-at-home order that California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued on Dec. 3, which he said is “rife with inconsistencies.” Although the new restrictions will mean “more job loss, more hunger, more despair and desperation…and more death from causes other than COVID,” Morrow said, they were imposed without evidence that the activities they target are “major drivers of transmission.”

And this from Parker Sutton: “This lock down is having the opposite effect our state leaders want. If people can’t go anywhere together they are going to congregate in their homes INDOORS. The science has shown the transmission rate for outdoor dining is basically nothing, as well as gyms and other places. LA County is the epicenter of the nation and we have been on lock down THE ENTIRE TIME! How does this make sense??” 

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