Democrat introduces a bill that would ban “MEN” from women’s sports

Our legislation protects Title IX’s original intent which was based on the general biological distinction between men and women athletes based on sex,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. “It is critical that the legacy of Title IX continues to ensure women and girls in sports have the opportunity to compete and excel on a level playing field.”

“Title IX was designed to give women and girls an equal chance to succeed, including in sports. Allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports diminishes that equality and takes away from the original intent of Title IX. As the father of three girls involved in athletics, I want them to be able to compete on a level playing field. I am proud to lead this bill that will safeguard the integrity of women’s sports and ensure female athletes can compete fairly,” said Rep. Markwayne Mullin.

Will this bill succeed? That’s very iffy. Republicans should support it overwhelmingly and it is possible there could be enough Democrat votes to get it through the House. Could it survive a filibuster in the Senate? That’s much more of a question mark and since it’s now liberal doctrine that you are whatever sex you say you are, activists would be demanding that the bill be blocked.

Of course, there are very real biological differences between men and women that give men a huge advantage when playing sports. The laughable standard fix for this has usually been to put men playing women’s sports on some kind of testosterone suppressor, but that’s completely ridiculous. Men do have much more testosterone than women, but that’s just one of many differences. If  6’9″, 250 pound Lebron James decided he was a woman and joined the WNBA, do you think it would be fair to the women playing as long as he took a drug that suppressed his testosterone?

Do you think there is any female boxer in the world that could compete with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in a fight if you suppressed his testosterone? Anyone with even the most basic understanding of science or biology knows this is all ridiculous. Really, all you have to do to see this is watch the women and men’s teams in high school sports.

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