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VOTER FRAUD – Californians caught voting in Nevada also!

Over 1,400 Californians Suspected of Voting in Nevada’s Election

Like any Third World nation, vote fraud is massive in the United States.  The fact that 1400 CALIFORNIANS voted in Nevada is just a small sample of the problem.  Ballots showing up in the middle of the night, 138,000 for Biden and zero for Trump.  That smells like a week old dead fish.

  • “There are 1,411 Nevada registrants who closely match a California registrant on first, middle and last name, and date of birth. Common names, which might be coincidences, are excluded.
  • These registrants’ California voter registration dates are later than their Nevada registration dates, indicating all 1,411 now reside in California. The California registration dates are all more than 30 days prior to the November 3 election, indicating the voters may not be lawfully eligible to vote in Nevada.
  • 304 of the 1,411 Californians have a Nevada mailing address and/or Nevada phone number in their California voter records, further confirming their voting association with the Silver State.
  • Because these registrants are Active status in both states, they were likely mailed ballots by both states for the November election since both states mailed ballots to all Active registrants.”

In California the corrupt Secretary of State—refuses to audit the DMV registered illegal aliens, then sent out 440,000 ballots to dead people and those that moved out of State.

Watchdog group claims 1,411 Nevada voters who later registered to vote in California may have voted unlawfully in Nevada’s Presidential election.

Election Integrity Project CA,  11/9/20   

Reno, Nevada. – Election Integrity Project, Nevada (EIPNv) sent a report on November 9 to Nevada’s Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske showing that 1,411 Nevada registered voters, who later registered to vote in California, nonetheless appear to have voted in the November 3 Nevada election. Based on its analysis of Nevada’s official voter registration file of November 6, 2020 and California’s voter registration file of August 18, 2020, EIPNv alleges the following:

Read the rest at: More Fraud Uncovered

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