Unite? After what we have seen for 4 years – Pound Sand!

Two age-old adages say, “If you want to really know someone, watch what they do, not what they say,” and, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” With those  adages in mind, we on the right have gotten to know the left very well, indeed, over the last several years.

Before the 2016 presidential election, the right thought we knew the left. We thought you were like us. We thought you too just wanted the best for our fellow citizens even though you went about it in ways different from ours. Surely, we thought, you love our country as much as we do. Since 2016, we’ve learned the left — especially the regressively progressive far left — isn’t much like us at all.

It happened gradually, but once it started, the shift was exponential. We began to notice the name-calling, ridicule, and personal attacks threatening us online and in person simply because we believe in freedom, personal responsibility and love of country. We voted for someone who said he’d fight for those things too and ever since then, we’ve watched the left lose your collective mind and show us who you really are.

We’ve watched the left’s leaders giddily grab power like never before by denying us fundamental American freedoms once held sacred. We’ve watched leftist leaders deliberately hold up COVID relief bills for purely partisan spite at election time. We watched as “do as I say, not as I do” became not only an adage, but the left’s motto of entitlement.

A maskless Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair colored while we grew out our 6-inch roots. Gov. Gavin Newsom sent his kids to an open private school, visited his open winery, and took trips to his Montana ranch the same week he declared a lockdown while our kids missed graduations and other normal once-in-a-lifetime events.

We wore our masks and missed school, weddings, paychecks, last moments with dying loved ones, time with elderly parents — many things we can never get back — while maskless Newsom wined and dined indoors with lobbyists at a fancy French restaurant.

We’ve watched the left tantrums disguised as “protests.” We watched the left permit and even encourage the lawless riots that destroyed innocent people’s homes, businesses, and personal safety during a pandemic and while falsely claiming to be “mostly peaceful.”

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