GA Democrats ripe with corruption!

The prominent attorney who famously represented Nicholas Sandmann filed a lawsuit on Friday against Georgia’s secretary of state and the election board to stop the certification of the 2020 election results.

Wood’s lawsuit cites a March settlement allowed changes in how signatures matching on absentee ballots is conducted. Under the secret agreement with Marc Elias (a former Clinton lawyer) the absentee ballot clerk determines if the signature doesn’t match and then must get two other reviewers to agree as well.

Wood’s lawsuit state that the Secretary of State and the election board had no legal authority to make that change.

In Wood’s lawsuit, the attorney argues that this change was made “unilaterally” and “without the approval or direction of the Georgia General Assembly.”

“Allowing a single party to write rules for reviewing signatures is not ‘conducive to the fair … conduct of primaries and elections’ or ‘consistent with law,’” the lawsuit reads.

Wood adds, “As a result, the inclusion and tabulation of absentee ballots for the general election (and potentially, for all future elections held within this state) is improper and must not be permitted.”

Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs said Wood’s lawsuit is “silly.”

“Signature match is intact and the General Assembly passed legislation to allow voters who failed to include a signature time to add one,” Fuchs said, according to 11Alive, NBC’s Atlanta affiliate station. “Fulton County only had one rejected ballot in 2018 and now they have thousands. We strengthened signature match, and will continue to do so, period.”

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