Doug’s Rant–The Fun is Just Beginning

Chuckle Time: 

It’s not funny, but I have to chuckle when I hear Dem’s demanding “Trump must do the right thing to protect our Democracy,” some even saying “Trump is attempting a coup on Biden.” Oh really, let’s go back to the time during the Trump transition from Obama and what went on with something that really could have damaged the Democracy. The Obama administration launched a highly illegal underhanded scheme that was heck of a lot closer to a coup than Trump stalling on this transition process to verify vote counts.

Much of that same thing can be said about the Mueller investigation as well as the impeachment sham. By the way, we’re stilling waiting for the long arm of the law to come down on Obama’s minions for their felonious coup attempt in 2016-2017. One can only hope justice doesn’t go the same way it did for Hillary’s felonies.

Let The Fun Begin:

Now that Joe and company have been given the green light to start their transition process the fun (note facetious tone) is just beginning. It started with a statement warning that an urgent task is to “uncover the extent of the Trump administration’s efforts to hollow out government agenciesMany federal agencies have been reshaped and downsized since 2016, while many significant roles have never been filled.”

There they go, a great indication of their thinking that government needs to be bigger to be better with leaner, more efficient and cost saving measures not welcomed in the swamp any longer. In other words, they’re going back to Obama-Biden policies thinking the best way to go for America is to “Build back better” (bigger). I say build back better my butt, let’s stick with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” where the proof is in the pudding, bigger is not necessarily better, when comparing Trump’s four years to team Obama’s eight years.

Climate Czar? 

I’ve never heard of such an animal, but here we are with none other than John Kerry being appointed to the job. You remember John, the guy who led us into the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran Nuclear joke of a deal.

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