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Disney leaving California and taking THOUSANDs of jobs with them!

Disney: We May Move HQ and Film Studios Out of California

Maybe the people at Disney are getting what they deserve.  For years executives of Disney have donated millions to Newsom, Brown and the Democrats.  They have donated to radical ballot measures, to steal money from the middle class—their customers at Disneyland and for their movies.  Now, Guv Newsom has announced Disneyland will not open till next summer and the earliest.

Finally the folks at Disney have realized they have financed their own destruction,  Nikita Khrushchev, head of the old Soviet Union famously said to America, “You will be hanged by the rope you sold to us.”  Looks like Disney is being lynched.  Now they are looking at moving headquarters and film studios to other States.  Just closing Disneyland is a five billion hit to the people of Orange County.  So far, 28,000 have lost their jobs—hope they vote against the Democrats that took their jobs from them.

When California public health officials announced guidelines for reopening theme parks that essentially guarantee that parks in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties won’t be able to open until perhaps mid-2021, heads of the respective theme parks rightfully blasted Gavin Newsom, citing their successes in reopening in other states and countries and alleging that his guidelines have no scientific basis.

The next day, the Executive Director of the California Attractions and Parks Association, of which Disney is a member, said “that a lawsuit was under consideration and ‘all options are open at this point.’”

By Thursday, sources within the industry and within Disney, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that one option Disney was looking into was was moving as many jobs as possible out of California. Obviously the company can’t pick Disneyland up and move, but the company has a massive footprint in California, both in Los Angeles and Orange counties. WDW Pro alluded to that potential in a Thursday evening blog post.

Before getting to WDW Pro’s listing of actions Disney could take, a pause to appreciate their intro to the story. It’s a work of art – partly because it’s an uncomfortable truth – so I’m citing all of it:

Read the rest at: Disney Gone

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