Dictator Newsom doesn’t pay his property taxes!

As I exclusively reported in July and August, California Governor Gavin Newsom owns not one, but two estates in California and has received sweetheart cashout refi mortgages on both – and has been chronically delinquent in paying his property taxes.

Though he paid his property taxes for 2019 in early August 2020 after RedState (exclusively, again, despite what you might have seen at OANN and other conservative sites) pointed out that he was delinquent and accruing large penalties, he hasn’t yet paid 2020 taxes that were due November 1. See property tax bill for his Fair Oaks estate (in a suburb of Sacramento).

Yes, that’s quite the property tax bill, but considering he got the bulk of the value of the home back as a cashout refi in 2020, he should have it somewhere.

As a reminder, here’s an aerial view of that estate.

Check out the property tax bill for his Marin County estate, just outside San Francisco.

That one’s worth even more, close to $6 million.

Here are some photos of that home.

Why don’t you have the cash on hand, given that you got an 80+ percent cashout refi on that house, Governor? How do you expect average Californians, who haven’t had a regular paycheck all damn year, to pay their property taxes when you don’t?

Read the rest at: Delinquent Newsom

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