Whine with cheese

Wine Time:

Not that kind of wine, it’s the whine you get offered cheese with.  I’m thinking there has to be some sort of fairness that needs to happen with some justice added on top.

I hear pundits on both sides of the political spectrum claiming voters don’t care about Joe Biden’s son and his dirty deeds. Wait a minute if those felonious deeds include the Dad who very well could become the next president, you can bet your bottom dollar us voters should and do care!

One of the biggest stink bugs of the whole thing surrounding the Biden family, is the withholding of that information by the media which is preventing many voters from even being aware of their possible slimy actions that should matter to them (I get into that down the page).

I guess what I’m really whining about is the complete and total unfairness of what the Dems have gotten away with since 2008 with nary a slap on the legal hand. Yet President Trump has been twisted in Hurricane type winds fighting for his political and legal life with little or no wrong doing.

Now the poop storm that is the Biden’s getting rich from very illegal maneuvering is resulting in us being told its no big deal and we should forget about it as we vote. Hmm, I seem to remember many years ago the Dems relied heavily on Watergate to sway voters towards Jimmy Carter, but now no scandals allowed, go figure.

If and when will we ever see some sort of heavy legal justice come down the pike for those who took part in the attempted coup of president Trump and now Joe Biden and son’s felonious actions? If Joe is elected and the shenanigans of his illegal means of enriching his family are proved to be true will he endure the agony of endless investigations and impeachment like President Trump has? I seriously doubt it and it just AIN’T Fair! (I deserve a bunch of cheese for that whining, right?)

Media Mortal Sin:  

The way ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC ignores everything that comes down the dirty road related to anything Democrat or the Biden’s is just plain WRONG…

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