Trump get ANOTHER key endorsement!

President Trump is campaigning in Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon. He has two rallies on the schedule before heading to Nebraska.

During his visit to the Badger State and ahead of a planned rally in La Crosse, he locked down an endorsement from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. The WMC is the “combined state chamber and manufacturers’ association, and the largest business association in the state.”

“WMC and the business community stand behind President Trump’s policy agenda,” WMC President and CEO Kurt Bauer released in a statement. “Prior to COVID-19, President Trump’s policies helped create robust economic growth, and throughout 2020, his policies have put Wisconsin and the nation back on the path to prosperity.”

“We are already seeing a swift rebound following the most significant economic downturn in our country’s history,” Bauer continued. “Wisconsin is a state that makes and grows things. We need a President who understands that and puts our workers, our businesses and our state first. President Trump has a proven record of doing just that and deserves our vote on November 3.”

The WMC also released a list of reasons they support President Trump.


-Tax cuts, regulatory reform and pro-growth energy policies helped Wisconsin businesses create nearly 60,000 jobs in the first three years of Trump’s presidency – over 15,000 of which were high-paying manufacturing careers

– Pro-America trade policies like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) opened up new markets for Wisconsin businesses and solidified billions of dollars in exports from manufacturers and dairy producers

– Much-needed tax reform returned roughly $1,400 a year to the median Wisconsin household

– Commonsense energy policies have protected the environment while reducing costs for Wisconsin businesses and families

Read the rest at: A Trump Win Again

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