Sanctuary Cities for the Preborn!

The West Texas City of New Home (Population 351), located about 18 miles south of Lubbock, has become the 15th city in the nation to outlaw abortion by the passing of an enforceable ordinance prohibiting the act of abortion within the city limits.

The vote to outlaw abortion took place on Tuesday, September 29th, and after over an hour of discussion, the vote was unanimous. As a result of the vote, no unborn children will be able to be murdered by abortion in the quickly growing city of New Home, Texas.

The New Home Ordinance states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to procure or perform an abortion of any type and at any stage of pregnancy in the City of New Home, Texas.” The New Home Ordinance also says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly aid or abet an abortion that occurs in the City of New Home, Texas.”

Abortion is defined by the New Home Ordinance as, “the act of using or prescribing an instrument, a drug, a medicine, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to cause the death of an unborn child of a woman known to be pregnant.” The term does not include birth control devices or oral contraceptives and the ordinance is clear that the act is not an abortion if the act is done with the intent to “save the life or preserve the health of an unborn child, remove a dead, unborn child whose death was caused by accidental miscarriage, or remove an ectopic pregnancy.”

The effort to see abortion outlawed in New Home was led by Pastor LJ Wright and his wife, Tiffani Wright, of New Home Baptist Church. Last November the couple unexpectedly lost their unborn child, Wrenley, after a visit to their doctor revealed their daughter had no heartbeat. The loss of their daughter, the news of Planned Parenthood returning to perform abortions in the nearby city of Lubbock, and Senator Charles Perry’s challenge to the City of Lubbock to pass the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn ordinance caused Pastor Wright to consider how he might fight for the lives of unborn children.

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