Think About It

I Tried; I Really Did:

I tried to stomach the first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, I really did. For one thing it was like watching paint dry and the Dems were maddeningly consistent with their tactic of trying to scare the bejeebers out of Americans with their incessant claims Amy would end Obamacare. They seemed to chide the judge every way but loose over her possible ruling to eliminate the law causing anyone with a health ailment to lose all insurance coverage and die! Each Dem Senator had a laundry list of heart tugging stories of folks from their state who had or have urgent health issues.

The Senate Dems wasted time and energy flapping their jaws about an issue their own branch of government mostly has control over and the only thing Barret could help rule on would be if it’s constitutional. She handled herself well and made it clear no amount of emotional stories on the sad health situations of individuals would sway her judgment on determining constitutionality of the law.

Of course, Roe v. Wade was right up there with the Dems howling over how Amy would let her religious beliefs reign all over her rulings on the law. Again, she did an excellent job of calmly stating that wouldn’t happen as the Dem senators showed frustrations with their inability to get her to crack.

Come on Dems get past your bloviating cries of foul over the nominee, the process and realize this ballgame is already decided and your team lost!

No One Will Help Me:

After numerous attempts in this space no has come forward to explain exactly how Joe Biden will do a better job as president than Donald Trump has.

I just heard someone on TV say, “He’s a people person, we need that in our president these days. His personality is a much better fit for a president than Trump is.” 

Oh yea, that will really help our country right? I wish those who are supporting Biden only because they hate Trump would just take some time to consider their thought process. If any of them have a favorite sports team they live and die for each game and their coach had a personality they couldn’t stand, would they want a different coach who they felt comfortable with but wouldn’t win near as many games? Of course not, they would want keep the jerk of a coach so the winning would continue and see past his flawed personality traits.

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