Doug’s Rant-It keeps getting better and better

The Joke is On Us:

 The headline Read; “Andrew McCabe will testify before Senate committee.”

I thought, here we go, maybe the log jam of true justice from the felonious coup attempt by Obama and friends on Trump will finally start to break loose.

But nooo, because once again the justice dodging antics by the Obama-ites is front and center with absurdity you can’t make up.  In a letter from McCabe’s lawyer the testimony was cancelled in order to protect the health of Andy and his family.

All well and good, but the problem with this ridiculous excuse is his testimony is scheduled to be done via Zoom!   That’s right, McCabe and his brilliant attorney expect us to believe Andy and his family could be exposed to the virus over WIFI in the sky!    

You don’t think McCabe is trying to delay or keep his rear-end from ending up in jail do you? This is another example of Obama’s army of traitors doing anything and everything to cover-up the scandal of the century. Will justice prevail or will their delaying and covering up, as they hope and pray, until Biden wins and throws the whole thing under a giant rug, prevail?

The Heat Is On:

The heat is on but will anyone get burned? While the left supporting media was peeing their pants over when and how long President Trump was on oxygen there was escalating proof for the travesty of treasonous activity by the Obama administration as they stuck their dirty noses into the nation’s business of electing and seeing a new president take office.

Plenty of the attempted coup perpetrators must have known they could be headed for deep doo-doo for what they were doing as it has now come out, they paid in advance for possible legal defense. In texts released an FBI employee wrote “we all went out and purchased professional liability insurance.” A colleague responded with “holy (expletive) all of the analysts too?”  “Yep, all the folks at the agency (CIA) as well.”

If you ask me that says a heck of a lot, but the really hot smoking gun was a note by former Obama CIA Director John Brennan about a meeting he had in the oval office briefing Obama, Biden, Comey, Susan Rice and other national security officials. “Approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a national scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

Also released, a CIA memo; “an exchange with (REDACTED) discussing Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

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