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Ohio State prof says Clarence Thomas not ‘authentically Black’

To what length will the left go to with this lunacy?

At a symposium hosted by Texas A&M University at Commerce, titled, “What the Truth Sounds Like,” Professor Donna Ford argued that one of the significant problems in education is White females. She also noted that diversity of “skin color” is not enough, considering that she wouldn’t want “Clarence Thomas teaching my damn kids.”

“There is a monopoly on education, where White females being about 85 percent of the teaching force, and then you know pretty much the same thing with white administrators. So White females I’m speaking to you, and I’m saying you’ve got to get your sh- stuff together,” said Ford during her lecture.

She would continue, “But you got to get your stuff together because you know what, you’re the problem, and then you’re the major problem.”

In an interview with Campus Reform, Ford said that she did not mean that “all” or the “majority” of white women fall into the category, “Not all, but I like to use the term far too many, and ten is far too many. We don’t need any racist teachers in education.”

Ford also argued during her lecture that “white fragility” has a problematic role to play in education, saying  “too many educational leaders are bystanders, fearful of white fragility, especially afraid to have White women’s tears show up, so they avoid a pedagogy of discomfort, and I believe in the pedagogy of discomfort.”

Ford clarified to Campus Reform that she believes that educators often “tend not to hold White women accountable because of perceived fragility,” adding that people often perceive White women as being unable to “handle feedback and criticism and asking them to make changes,” whereas Black women are perceived as “super strong” and able to “handle anything.”

Read the rest at: Clarence Thomas is not really black?

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