BLM is attacking Christianity! WHY

There’s a reason the founders of the BLM took their mission statement off their website.

They admitted their goal was to destroy the nuclear family, the same goal that Marx said would create a communist utopia—which makes sense, as the founders of BLM also admitted they were trained Marxists. Ultimately, their agenda truly doesn’t have anything to do with black lives.

One of the hallmarks of Marxism is rejection of a higher power…

Marxists tend to be either atheists or agnostics, but all seem to frown upon faith—especially Christianity.

What’s their beef with the followers of Christ?

Well, if you can depend on a higher power to give you what you need in life—even one that preaches that God will meet you halfway—it means that you won’t depend on the state to sustain you.

And that’s what Marxism wants…

A total dependence on the state.

The problem with that is that the state isn’t some omnipotent being that does nothing other than look after the wellbeing of its citizens.

The state is run by men who have agendas and a thirst for gaining and keeping power, and those men will do whatever they need to hold onto that power, including, as history has shown, murdering those that oppose them.

There’s a reason that communism killed an estimated 100 million people in the 20th Century. They had to get rid of those that weren’t open to their programming…

And the founders of BLM are created in this same vein.

First The Family, Then Your Faith

Of course, it’s a brilliant maneuver. You can’t really criticize the Marxist ideals of the organization without seeming insensitive at best and racist at worst.

However, apparently, God is also a problem for BLM as well, and that just cost one man his job.

In August, Kurt Beathard, the then-offensive coordinator for the Illinois State University football team, found a Black Lives Matter sign on the door to his office.

However, Beathard isn’t one of the Left’s “walking dead.” He understands what BLM is and the agenda they’re really pushing for, so he decided to let his faith do his talking for him.

Read the rest at: Family – Faith – BLM

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