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Transgender Republican Satanist running unopposed! WHY?

'Trans Satanist anarchist' with her 'f**k the police' slogan wins Republican nomination for New Hampshire county sheriff after running unopposed

A transgender woman who describes herself as a ‘Satanic anarchist’ has won the Republican Party nomination for sheriff in a New Hampshire county after running on a platform of ‘F*** the police.’

‘I can’t imagine they’re happy about this,’ Aria DiMezzo told Inside Sources when asked about the reaction from Republicans.

DiMezzo captured the GOP nomination for Cheshire County sheriff on Tuesday night after she ran unopposed in the party primary.

She won despite the fact that she received no support from the county or state GOP.

The head of the Cheshire County Republican Party, Marylin Huston, misgendered DiMezzo by referring to her as ‘he’ when she offered congratulations.

‘He did very well with the primary and that was wonderful,’ Huston said.

DiMezzo is a member of a group of Libertarian activists known as the Free Keene group.

During the recent GOP primary for governor, the group backed Rich Paul, who legally changed his name to Nobody.

Nobody lost the primary on Tuesday to the Republican incumbent, Governor Chris Sununu.

Last year, Nobody lost his bid to become mayor of Keene.

DiMezzo is the host of an internet radio show in which she is known as ‘She-Male.’

Initially, Free Keene began as an offshoot of the Free State Project of Libertarians, but the Free State Project has since distanced itself from Free Keene.

According to Huston, DiMezzo ran as a Republican because she was unable to get onto the Libertarian Party’s ballot.

She signed up to run as a Republican two days before the deadline after it was learned that Earl Nelson, a longtime GOP candidate, was not running.

DiMezzo said she regretted that the party has not supported her candidacy.

‘They’re clearly not on my side,’ DiMezzo said.

In the town of Rindge, Nelson received more than 200 write-in votes on Tuesday.

Local Republicans on social media expressed their concerns about DiMezzo’s gender, religious beliefs, and political positions.

‘People of Rindge did a phenomenal job. Very well done,’ DiMezzo said.

Huston denies there was a coordinated effort to keep DiMezzo from winning the nomination.

‘I guess that’s just part of the whole political scene,’ Huston said.

Huston denies that the GOP is shunning DiMezzo, though she did voice concerns over her political positions.

‘If you look at their social media and their political statements they really do not fall in line with the Republican message,’ Huston said.

DiMezzo favors ending prosecution of drug crimes, sex work, illegal immigration, and other ‘victimless’ crimes.

Read the rest at: Transgender Satanist

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