Thin Blue Line Flag is a symbol of Racism?

BLM and the loooons on the left have designated police as a race!
Hoe else can calling a symbol in dupport of POLICE becomes a symbol of racism

A thin blue line flag has been banned by a local high school in Neptune Beach, Florida following a series of complaints that circulated on social media, according to a report by News4Jax.

According to the outlet, the Fletcher High School football team started carrying the pro-law enforcement flag last year, as a way for one of its players, Caelan Lavender, to honor his late father, Cpl. Andy Lavender. Mr. Lavender was a Jacksonville Beach police officer who unexpectedly passed away in August 2019 after 29 years in law enforcement, and was active in sports programs.

“He was one of a kind,” his wife, Lorie Lavender, told News4Jax. “And he is very much missed and loved.”

The team’s use of the symbol received swift backlash online, with some calling the move “openly racist.”

Debate over the flag’s meaning has come into question amid widespread protests against police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd back in May. The flag is known as a pro-law enforcement symbol.

As a result of the backlash, Fletcher High School’s principal, Dean Ledford, reportedly issued a statement announcing the flag would be banned.

“The flag, which is known as the Thin Blue Line flag, has different meaning for different people, and rather than representing the young man’s personal feelings, it was being interpreted as a political statement of the team and of the school,” Ledford said. “In consultation with the coaches, I determined that the act of using this flag in this personal way, while in the context of the football game opening ceremony, could easily be construed as representing a political position of our school and not just the personal feelings of the student and his teammates. Therefore, I have determined that it is no longer appropriate to continue.”

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