Sad Ranter, Doug’s Rant

How Can This Be?

I can’t remember being as emotional as I was watching the video of the attempted assassination on the sheriff’s deputies this week, but what really got to me was hearing the glee in the voices of people celebrating, protesting and blocking the entrance to the hospital while medical professionals were trying to save the deputy’s lives.

Usually I would become angry at reprobates like that acting out the devil in their souls, but this time, for some reason, I found myself becoming profoundly sad. Is this where we really are in America today, how can anyone have such awful hate in their brains?

Are these cowardly punks being motivated by Trump, Biden, BLM, ANTIFA or the misguided notion of systemic racism in the ranks of law enforcement and even society? Is it because of the breakdown in the family structure that fails to raise decent humans, is it mental illness run amuck?

Would this sort of behavior happen if God wasn’t taken out of schools and all aspects of public life? Is God simply turning his back on us letting such retched thoughts infiltrate the hearts and minds of people, all in an attempt to grab our attention, wake us up to what true depravity looks like and cause a big revival towards the importance of moral right and wrong?

I have no idea, but if we continue to see this trend of violent hate show its ugly face and if it spreads far and wide, turning into something close to a civil insurrection, it could end up seriously affecting all Americans. If that were to happen, the only possible solution to protect us would be war like tactics from the military and that could tear the fabric of our society apart at the seams.

I am concerned about this sort of thing if President Trump is reelected and there is controversy regarding the validity of tabulated votes. From what we’re seeing in the streets today it could become a nationwide riot, if you’re the praying type, best get at it fast and hard. God may be the only solution to this mess and let’s hope his solution isn’t to let America turn into hell on earth for betterment down the road.

Blue Lives Matter:

Say that too loud and you’ll be labeled a racist and accused of racism in your heart without you even knowing it. Such rubbish in my mind, but don’t law enforcement lives matter too? All lives matter, but police officers and first responders are incredibly important to society, for obvious reasons, and to be without them, or their ranks diminished, would be horrendous.

I wonder if the sick idiots in Compton, who celebrated the shootings of the deputies, were to be in serious trouble for their lives, would they shed the demonic hate for police and embrace their life saving actions?

How would they like it if they or their loved ones were in grave danger and called police to save lives, or they were bleeding on the ground and the police showed up laughing and exclaiming “we hope you die mother fuc***s.

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