Politics Ain’t Fair

Politics aint Fair never heard that before!

It Ain’t Fair:

Someone I know who doesn’t follow politics that closely asked me how it is that when Obama was President and nominated someone for a Supreme Court seat the Senate wouldn’t take it up until after the election, but they will now? I said “it ain’t fair, but that’s how it goes in the world of politics, those with the most cookies (votes) gets to decide how things go.” Right or wrong, fair or unfair, that’s how the political cookie crumbles.

You can bet your sweet muffin if Hillary were in the White House and the Dems  controlled the Senate, they would be doing the very same thing Republicans are trying to pull off now. No amount of howling from the Republicans would make any difference, so I wish the Dems would stop their whining now and get over it, because they would be doing the same damn thing!

It Ain’t Fair II:

While the Dems do emotional somersaults over the unfairness of a confirmation for a court justice sooner than their hearts desire, unfairness abounds with the illegal shenanigans they’ve been pulling over the years with zero consequences.

We can start way back with Obama’s IRS targeting of conservative groups, his administration spying on a Fox News newscaster and his extended family. There are other instances, but one of the worse was Mrs. Bill Clinton’s felonious actions with her destroying emails and the manipulative maneuvers to save her butt, right before the 2016 election. Anyone who would have done that from the other political party would be in prison right now, that’s fair right?

Let’s move forward to the treasonous efforts by the Obama administration to derail Trump’s campaign before the election and his presidency after the election.

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